== When your curiosity may take you to strange places, do you ignore it, or tie yourself to the mast and sail forward? This page is devoted to following the siren song and exploring things you may not need but may be glad to know.  Essays, poems, and odd things a journalist and artist comes across. ==

Wise Counsel

Through plague and purifying smoke the lax drag on, the proud puff chests. some have heated seats. They cut back on their meat and wean their hunger with milk made from beans. Wise counsel suggests that crocus break soil despite the cold wind. Jut your chins. Jut your...

Pulpy: “People of the South Wind”

A long layover in Dallas gave me time to write this longish short story, which has elements of pulp fiction in it. I have long loved Dashiell Hammett, and his influence is clear here. The link to a PDF is below. south wind

Drayage Manifesto

====================================================     The only really horrifying space in this universe is the empty chasm between you and me and you and me and you and you and you. The disconnect, that empty yaw, the mouth of otherness with its ragged...